Saturday, July 18, 2015

Smell the roses!

Wehey! I'm at it again... this new fan is all hand painted with a classical motif in the form of flowers (oh yes, there's always flowers: roses - pink roses, blue roses, forget-me-nots and god-knows-whats) and urns and sparkling gold sequins.

I matched the design with black wooden sticks painted with chinoiseries... While it is impossible for me to imitate elaborately carved and gilded sticks made of ivory or mother of pearl, these sticks are supposed to look exactly like what they are made of: namely black and gold painted wood.

Anyway, no matter how long you've been doing it, fan making is ALWAYS about trial and error (and inventing new combinations of ugly words), at least when you're not working full time in a fan factory in the 18th century. The thing turned out imperfect because of my experimenting with a new, super thin antique looking paper. Because of the thinness of the paper, I was determined to make a double leaf this time, which ended in a slightly wrinkled leaf... and major headaches!

I'm crazy for doing this sh**, year after year...

Anyway, this product of my enduring madness is still very pretty, and due to its imperfections you can get your hands on it for less on Etsy.
More fans (which hopefully will be perfect) are in the making... (why am I doing this?) ;-)

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