Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Droughtlander fan art!

I have always found the concept of time travelling paradoxes puzzling to the point of annoying (and besides - had it been possible, I wouldn't really like to live in the 18th century  - the lack of hot baths and modern comforts and medicine would surely put me off.)  So I never picked up Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels and was reluctant to watch the TV series... until I stumbled across the thing on Netflix two years ago. And suddenly I found myself spending the long ”Droughtlander” months making fan art (pun intended!) in honour of Mrs. Gabaldon's and the Starz channel's work. Resistance is futile!

Printed and hand coloured paper leaf  with "mother of pearl
fragments" on painted wooden sticks.
The classical motif of Mars (Jamie Fraser) laying down his arms at the feet of Venus (Claire Fraser) appearing in a cloud (out of the stone circle to the right) with attendant putti, was heavily inspired by a printed and hand coloured fan from the 1720s or 30s in the collection of the Fan Museum in Greenwich.

Having spent my own ”time travelling” and fan making projects mainly in the latter part of the 18th century, this was the first time I ever tried to reproduce an early 18th century fan. I do think it's quite good for a first attempt, though, and also a great but subtle way for an Outlander obsessed reenactor to show their love for Mrs. Gabaldon's universe (or Sam Heughans physique, or whatever ;-) )
For those interested, printed copies of this fan will soon be available in a limited number in my Etsy shop.

Je suis prest!