Prices & conditions


The prices start at $186/SEK 1400 for fans with printed vignettes, $370 / SEK 3000 for commissioned ones, fully hand painted fans - with paper leaves. (With exceptions for well used fans and fans with slight imperfections).
Silk leaves start at $493 / SEK 4000.
In rough terms, the prices depend on three things:
1. The degree of difficulty of the painting. Vignette designs with complicated patterns are often more expensive than earlier fan designs with one motif all over the leaf.
2. The quality of+price for the sticks.
3. Whether you want sequins and/or embroideries.

I am aware that some of my fans may be as expensive as a new toilette or an original 18th century fan. But the difference between one of my fans and a fragile antique purchased for approximately the same price is of course that my fan can and should be used. ;-)


From $363 for miniatures painted on bases like ivorine and vellum. For recycled ivory/mammoth ivory: from $399. Naturally, the prices also depend a lot on the quality of the lockets/frames that are being used.

Ordering procedure

I will email you sketches of your fan/miniature during the course of my work, and finally a photo of your finished item + the total costs for the p&p. Payments should be made through PayPal or bank transfers through IBAN/Swift-BIC. As soon as the transaction is cleared, your item will be sent in a registered letter (for an additional sum).
I always appreciate to hear from my customers when the package has arrived, to let me know that everyone is satisfied. :-)