Friday, February 24, 2012

As white as innocence itself...

I found these *coughs* beauties at a cheap chain store for only 50 kronor (about $8) each. Lovely.

I am especially fond of the phallus-shaped form of this one...

Now all I need for the next ball is one of those "Marie Antoinette" dresses from Lip Service... and a plastic fan with shiney white chicken feathers, of course. Oh, and I almost forgot - a nice glowing tan to contrast with the white wig and crown the appearance.

On the other hand, cotton wool would probably work just as well... and it's even cheaper! ;-)


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty :P

    Do you think they could at all be salvaged with grey powder and serious restyling or something?

    Even if not, I know I would have bought them too...

  2. *um* well... I don't think so. The male wig perhaps, it would look like a quite ugly courtroom wig at best. As for the ladie's wig... well, as far as I have noticed most "Marie Antoinette" wigs consist of rows of short locks (*hmm* undras vad s.k. "kanonlockar" heter på engelska, förresten?) sewn onto fabric set on top of a hollow plastic structure... so it would be impossible to restyle it. ;-)